Episode 24. Christmas Special of Brought to LITE

Ep 24 of the Brought to Light Masonic Podcast is a special joint episode with the Masonic Lite Podcast for the last of 2016. This episode brings together Brought to Light hosts Bro Jack Aquilina, Bro Steve Austin and Bro David Illingworth with Masonic Lite Hosts Pete Ruggeri, Jason Lewis, Larry Merris and Jack Harley for a hilarious discussion about Australian/USA culture, masonic hangovers, awful Christmas habits, Masonic Lite’s “masonic would you rather” and our masonic new year resolutions. Bro Jack also provides a discussion and reflection of the year that has been 2016 in his intro and outro to the episode with some positive thoughts about the year ahead for Freemasonry in general and the Victorian jurisdiction in particular.

Thank you to the Masonic Lite crew for agreeing to do a joint episode with us and to Bro Jason Lewis for editing the interview for use on this podcast.

Show Notes:

Video Recording of the Episode on Youtube

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