Episode 25. A Female CEO for Freemasons Victoria: Ms Jane Sydenham-Clarke

We are back to kick off 2017 with a special interview with the first Female CEO of Freemasons Victoria Ms Jane Sydenham-Clarke to discuss her views on the challenges and opportunities she faces as the head of the administrative and financial operations of Freemasonry in Victoria. Host Bro Jack Aquilina puts a range of questions to Jane including concerns as to her gender preventing her from performing her role effectively, recent public comments made about freemasonry to the press, the significant achievements that have been made since her appointment and plans for the future of Freemasons Victoria in 2017 and beyond. Jane performs exceptionally well demonstrating her warm and effective leadership skills whilst putting the case in favour of her appointment and plans for the future of the Craft. Bro Jack also welcomes you all to the new year, highlights some news for the Blue Lounge, discusses FMV’s new Community Gallery initiative and Strategic Plan and reflects on the recent loss of Star Wars Icon Carrie Fisher.

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Show Notes

Freemasons Victoria Strategic Plan

Freemasons Victoria Community Gallery 

Bro Jack Aquilina’s Community Gallery Video 

Happy Masons Shop Masonic Regalia 

Renderr Creative Media Website

Brought to Light Masonic Podcast Website

Blue Lounge Social Club Website

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