Episode 29. Teachings, Saturation, the Sun & Atheism

Join host of the Brought to Light Masonic Podcast Bro Jack Aquilina and co-host Bro David Illingworth as they host a episode dedicated to reading some engaging and thought provoking masonic commentary and articles on the topics of masonic teachings, saturation of lodges, the day light lodge model and why atheists cannot be freemasons. Bro Jack also provides some updates on the latest news relating to Freemasonry in Victoria including the very special dispensation provided to the Blue Lounge Social Club to conduct a first degree for Mr Beau Atkinson at the Morwell Lodge on the 23rd of February 2017 (details below).

Show Notes:

What Freemasonry Teaches: We don’t know Article

Craft Saturation and Acceleration Article

As the Sun is in the South Article

For No Atheist May Be Made a Freemason Article

Midnight Freemasons Blog

Pietre-Stones Freemasonry Archive

Brought to Light Masonic Podcast Website

Blue Lounge Social Club Website

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