Episode 31. Brothers in Freemasonry, Joining the Craft with no Family.

Join co-host Bro David Illingworth and special guest host Bro Steve Austin for a second week, as they present a very special episode of the Brought to Light Masonic Podcast dedicated to a discussion with two brethren, both blood brothers, one who joined with no previous family member in the craft and one due the positive experience of the other. These guests are surprise guests who may be familiar to our regular listeners, check out the episode to find out who! Following on from Episode 30, Bro David Illingworth and Bro Steve Austin complete a mini-series on the role of families and joining Freemasonry by discussing the experiences what it is like to know no one on the night of your initiation and then to subsequently initiate family members into our fraternity a couple of years later. Bro Dave and Steve also update us on the latest masonic news from the Blue Lounge Social Club and across Victoria.

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