Episode 32. Education about the Craft in Victoria

Join the hosts of the Brought to Light Masonic Podcast as they kick off a very special series of episodes dedicated to discussions about masonic education, its relevance, importance and what we need to do to ensure it plays a bigger role in 21st century freemasonry. Your regular host Bro Jack Aquilina is back and joined by co-host Bro David Illingworth as they host our monthly live google hangout roundtable discussion with special guests WBro Robert Billing and WBro Sean Cross, the Worshipful Master of the Williamstown St Andrews Lodge No 470. The brethren kick off a great start to this month long series by discussing what masonic education actually is, why it is important, what we currently do in Lodges across Victoria and some ideas to make it more relevant in our everyday masonic experience. The brethren also update you local masonic news and dedicate the episode by paying tribute to the life of a young freemason who tragically lost his life recently in Victoria.

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