Episode 33. Comparative Education for a New Generation with WBro Jason Richards

Join us this week as we host a very special episode, as part of our Education Month Series, in the form of an interview with WBro Jason Richards of the Masonic Roundtable and Acacia Lodge No 16 of Clifton Virginia USA. In this episode our host Bro Jack Aquilina discussed the importance of a strong culture of masonic education in modern freemasonry whilst conducting a comparative analysis of the approaches taken in the USA vis a ve Australia. WBro Jason provides a fascinating insight into the ways in which masonic education is delivered in the USA including  an insight into some exciting programs that are being implemented to meet the needs of 21st century freemasons. Bro Jack and Bro Jason also note the strong similarities between the two countries in terms of both the challenges and opportunities going forward. Our Co-Host Bro David Illingworth kicks off and ends the show by providing us updates on the latest masonic news from Victoria including the activities of the Blue Lounge Social Club.

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Show Notes:

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The Masonic Roundtable Weekly Live Podcast

Installation of Bro Simon Reynolds Event Page

Blue Lounge Social Club Website

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