Episode 38. Freemasonry from the perspective of the Profane

Join us for Episode 38 of the Brought to Light Masonic Podcast, recorded in early May 2017 and hosted by our co-host Bro David Illingworth.

This episode is dedicated to a discussion with a non-freemason (or profane as they are called in our ritual) about public perceptions about the craft. Mr Adam Markiewicz, who was our guest, provides a fascinating perspective about what non-masons think of our craft and allows us to access a unique window into the public mind. 

Please note this episode was recorded in early May and the news is out of date. However we trust you will enjoy the discussion.

Thank you to all our listeners that have supported our show and been patient whilst we have been dealing with some web issues and the speed bumps that have been put in our way.

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Show Notes:

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