Episode 39. Where to now?

We are finally back!

Episode 39 of the Brought to Light Masonic Podcast is dedicated to a discussion and explanation from your hosts Bro Jack Aquilina and Bro David Illingworth about the series of unfortunate events that have been effecting the Blue Lounge Social Club and the Brought to Light Masonic Podcast over the last month in in light of the recent decision of Freemasons Victoria to bring its Strategic Partnership with the Blue Lounge Social Club to an end.

Bro Jack and David also discuss the exciting new opportunities ahead for both the Blue Lounge and the Brought to Light Masonic Podcast particularly with the re-establishment of our website, emails and podcast subscription. The brethren also take the time to thank the many hundreds of grassroots freemasons in Victoria and across the world who have sent messages of support and who have directly re-energised the club and podcast to continue in the achievement of its mission.

Tune in to catch up on the latest news and evens happening masonically in Victoria and across Australia and join us in being excited about what the future has in hold.

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Show Notes

New Blue Lounge Social Club Website

New Brought to Light Website

Contact the Blue Lounge Here

Contact Brought to Light

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