Episode 40. Time: a concept, a masonic symbol and a reality

Join the hosts of the Brought to Light Masonic Podcast Bro Jack Aquilina and Bro David Illingworth as they dedicate Episode 40 to a discussion around one of the most interesting of masonic symbols and concepts; Time.

Bro Jack and David explore some of the common sense, scientific, philosophical, masonic and practical elements of time in a discussion that culminates in the hosts reflection of what times allow us to contemplate and some of the life lessons we can take away from its contemplation.

Our hosts also discuss the latest news coming out of freemasonry in Victoria, Australia and across the world and fill you in on all the latest events of the Blue Lounge Social Club in Victoria, New South Wales and Ontario.

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Show Notes:

Link to Michael Schiavello’s Book Know Thyself

Link to Stephen Hawkins A Brief History of Time

New Blue Lounge Social Club Website

New Brought to Light Website

Contact the Blue Lounge Here

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Blue Lounge Social Club Facebook

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